Culinary Arts

Course Name


Industry Credentials

First Year (11thGrade)


  • Culinary Arts I
  • Baking and Pastry Specialization

Embarking on the culinary journey in Culinary Arts I, students receive a foundational understanding of the dynamic food service industry. This course is designed to provide opportunities for students to build technical skills in both food preparation and service. Students delve into fundamental aspects, starting with a thorough examination of the basic rules governing kitchen safety and sanitation. They further explore essential elements such as purchasing and receiving procedures and gain insights into fundamental nutrition principles.

The Culinary Arts Specialization course takes students to the next level, providing them with specialized skills and knowledge necessary to pursue careers in the expansive food service industry. Operating in a hands-on environment, students not only apply nutritional principles but also develop the ability to plan menus, utilize business and mathematics skills, select and maintain food service equipment, and adhere to rigorous safety and sanitation standards.

This specialized course goes beyond the basics, preparing students to navigate the multifaceted aspects of the culinary world. From creating balanced and enticing menus to understanding the financial and operational aspects of the food service industry, students emerge with a holistic skill set that positions them for success in a variety of culinary careers. The emphasis on hands-on learning ensures that students are not only equipped with theoretical knowledge but are also adept in applying their skills in a practical setting.

ServSafe Manager Certification Examination: National Restaurant Association

Second Year (12thGrade)


  • Culinary Arts II
  • Catering/Banquet Specialization

In the advanced stage of their culinary education, students enrolled in Culinary Arts II continue to deepen their knowledge of the food service industry while honing their technical skills to a higher level. Building upon the foundations laid in previous courses, students apply advanced kitchen safety and sanitation practices, delve into intricate nutritional principles, and master advanced food preparation techniques. The emphasis is on refining their skills to meet the rigorous standards of the culinary profession.

A key component of Culinary Arts II is the integration of work-based learning experiences, where students step into real-world culinary venues such as the a la carte kitchen, the dining room, and catered functions. This practical exposure allows them to apply their knowledge and skills in dynamic and authentic settings, preparing them for the realities of the culinary industry.

Similar to its counterpart in the earlier stage, the Culinary Arts Specialization course continues to provide students with specialized skills and knowledge essential for pursuing careers in the food service industry. Operating within a hands-on environment, students apply nutritional principles, engage in menu planning, utilize business and mathematics skills, and become proficient in selecting and maintaining food service equipment. The course maintains a strong focus on safety and sanitation standards, ensuring that students are well-versed in maintaining high standards of hygiene and safety in a culinary setting.

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