Course Name


Industry Credentials

First Year (11thGrade)


  • Horticulture Sciences


  • Green House Plant and Production


  • Agricultural Business Fundamentals

In this Horticulture Sciences course, students embark on a comprehensive journey that prepares them for both postsecondary educational career programs and entry-level positions within the horticulture industry. The curriculum covers a diverse range of topics, including safety practices specific to the horticulture field, the scientific principles underlying horticulture and nursery plant production, greenhouse operation and management, landscape design, and turf management. Through hands-on activities, students engage in practical applications, learning to identify and manage plant-growing substrates and gaining proficiency in propagating and growing horticultural plants in both greenhouse and land laboratory settings.

Building on this foundation, the Greenhouse Plant and Production course refines students' expertise specifically in greenhouse plant production and management. This specialized instruction includes industry safety in greenhouse plant production, the development of plant production facilities, greenhouse management and operations, plant identification, the science of plant production, business management, and marketing skills. Students emerge from this course well-equipped for both postsecondary educational pursuits and entry-level positions in the greenhouse plant production and management industry.

Beyond horticultural expertise, students also have the opportunity to develop essential knowledge, skills, habits, and attitudes for employment in agribusinesses through a dedicated course. The curriculum emphasizes personal financial management practices, consumer choices, financial records, business structures and procedures, as well as the economics of marketing agricultural products and services. This comprehensive approach ensures that students not only acquire specialized skills in horticulture but also gain a broader understanding of the economic and business aspects of the agricultural industry.

Second Year (12thGrade)


  • Landscaping I


  • Landscaping II


  • Turf Management

In the dynamic field of landscaping, Landscaping I opens doors to satisfying career opportunities in diverse working environments. Recognizing the growing demand for skilled workers in the ever-evolving green industry, this course focuses on preparing students for entry-level employment, postsecondary opportunities, and career advancement in landscape design, construction, and maintenance. The curriculum blends theoretical understanding with practical skills, ensuring that students are well-equipped to thrive in the landscaping industry. Opportunities for educational and leadership growth are woven into the fabric of the course, acknowledging the diverse pathways available within the field. Building on the foundation laid in Landscaping I, Landscaping II continues to offer skilled workers rewarding career opportunities in various work environments within the green industry. As the industry expands, this course caters to the demand for skilled workers in high-demand occupations. The curriculum is designed to prepare students for entry-level employment in the landscaping industry through hands-on experiences. In Turf Management, students are introduced to the responsibilities and tasks of professionals engaged in establishing and maintaining turf in public areas. This includes golf courses, parks, athletic fields, school campuses, industrial and institutional grounds, and residential lawns. The course provides students with the foundational knowledge and practical skills necessary to master turf management, addressing the unique challenges and considerations associated with different types of turf and settings.