Auto Body

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First Year (11th Grade)

  • Auto Body I
  • Auto Body II

Students embarking on the Auto Body I course find themselves immersed in a comprehensive journey of skill acquisition. As they delve into the intricate realm of damage analysis, estimating, and customer service, these aspiring auto body technicians unravel the complexities of vehicular non-structural analysis and damage repair. From wielding welding techniques to mastering the art of working with diverse materials, they meticulously hone their craft in metal finishing and body filling.

Building upon this foundation, the Auto Body II course catapults students into the realm of painting and refinishing expertise. Guided by seasoned instructors, they navigate the intricacies of surface preparation, wielding spray guns with finesse, and deftly operating related equipment. Paint mixing and matching become second nature as students immerse themselves in the delicate alchemy of achieving the perfect hue. The final touch involves a meticulous vehicle detailing process, where the culmination of their efforts results in a resplendent finish.

As the Auto Body II odyssey draws to a close, those who have successfully traversed its challenges stand not only as masters of their craft but as eligible candidates for an industry-recognized certification exam. Armed with a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience, they emerge prepared to make their mark in the ever-evolving landscape of automotive restoration and refinement.

ASE Auto Body Technology: Collision Repair & Refinish Certification Tests (B Series: B2-B5)

Second Year (12th Grade)

  • Auto Body III
  • Entrepreneurship

This course, seamlessly weaving together the acquired knowledge and skills from Auto Body Technology I and II, emerges as a pivotal opportunity for students to refine their craft. Beyond being a capstone course, it serves as a crucible where students can meticulously hone their auto body skills, paving the way for a seamless transition into the industry. Auto Body Technology III stands as a testament to its alignment with the rigorous standards set by the 2022 Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Education Foundation collision repair and refinish program. This ensures that graduates emerge not only with practical skills but also a profound understanding of the industry's cutting-edge standards.

As the curtain rises on Entrepreneurship I, students are ushered into the exhilarating realm of creating, owning, and launching their own business ventures. Concepts and techniques unfold, unveiling the art of planning entrepreneurial endeavors with a fusion of design thinking and business model development. This course serves as the compass guiding future entrepreneurs through the intricacies of transforming innovative ideas into thriving businesses, setting the stage for a journey into the dynamic world of entrepreneurship.