Course Name


Industry Credentials

First Year (11thGrade)


  • Cosmetology I
  • Entrepreneurship

In this foundational course, students embark on a comprehensive exploration of hair, skin, and nail care, laying the groundwork for their journey into the field of cosmetology. The curriculum is designed to provide a solid theoretical foundation before students engage in hands-on practice in a clinical lab setting and classroom. Utilizing manikins for manipulative skill practice, students are introduced to essential concepts and techniques in the realm of cosmetology.

The first-year course places a strong emphasis on critical aspects such as personal safety, professionalism, and maintaining impeccable standards of sanitation and disinfection for both equipment and facilities. This ensures that students not only acquire practical skills but also develop a keen awareness of the importance of maintaining a safe and hygienic environment in the cosmetology industry.

Students begin their journey by developing foundational skills in shampooing and conditioning hair, ensuring they grasp the fundamentals of hair care. From there, they progress to styling and cutting hair, honing their abilities in creating diverse hairstyles. The curriculum also introduces students to the intricate processes of hair coloring and chemical texture services, providing a well-rounded understanding of the diverse possibilities in cosmetology.

Second Year (12thGrade)


  • Cosmetology II
  • Entrepreneurship Advanced

In this advanced cosmetology course, students take their theoretical foundation to new heights, building on their knowledge of general sciences and cosmetology practices. The emphasis is on elevating proficiency in hair cutting and styling, with practical applications on live models. Throughout this journey, students prioritize professionalism, client consultation, safety, and infection control, recognizing the importance of these elements in the cosmetology profession.

The curriculum goes beyond basic techniques, incorporating advanced training in safe chemical processes related to permanent waves, relaxers, lightening, and hair coloring. This ensures that students not only understand the theoretical principles but also gain hands-on experience in executing these complex procedures.

Expanding the scope of cosmetology, students delve into the realm of skincare, hand care, and foot care. Practical experience is gained in providing facials, manicures, pedicures, and nail enhancements, allowing students to develop a comprehensive skill set that encompasses various aspects of beauty and wellness.

A significant addition to the curriculum is the introduction of a business management unit, providing students with insights into salon management. This unit focuses on the essential aspects of running a salon, including business operations, customer relations, and the entrepreneurial aspects of the cosmetology profession.