NNTC Scholarships

SCHOLARSHIPS (from Samantha Dixon, Career Director) 

NNTC doesn’t get notification of many of the local scholarships that may be sent to your home school.  I do, however, post every scholarship which I receive in the Main Hallway bulletin board near the restrooms.  We also offer our own Foundation Scholarships which will be announced early in the school year each year.  To find scholarships, I recommend that do the following:

  1. Talk to your home school counselor about available scholarships.

  2. Register on www.fastweb.com.  This is a HUGE national database that will send you appropriate scholarships as they become available – whether you are a junior or senior.  Be aware that there are many scholarships advertised online that ask for money – these may be scams.  You should never have to pay for a scholarship!

  3. Scholarships can come from many different sources – individuals, churches, employers, stores, clubs, and organizations with which your family may be affiliated.  Ask around.

  4. Scholarships may be local or national.  For instance, Coca-Cola Foundation offers many large scholarships each year but your competition will be from all over the U.S.  Local scholarships may be smaller but your chances of receiving one are much higher.

  5. Scholarships can be based on your program of study, merit (which means that you are deserving, based on grades, GPA, talent, community service or some other factor) or financial need.  Many need-based scholarships require that you complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) that is used to determine financial aid.  I recommend that ALL seniors complete the FAFSA early in the school year – it’s not as complicated as you may think and can often help you find money for college.  Your home school will offer an evening or weekend Financial Aid Workshop for you and your parents and we will offer a daytime workshop.  Seniors – fill out the FAFSA!!!

  6. Most scholarships require letters of recommendation.  Don’t wait until the last minute to request these from teachers, coaches, employers, or other adults who know your strengths (no family members).  Ask early and get multiple copies.  Provide personal information – GPA, activities, sports, community service, jobs, career goals, etc. – to help them write a better letter.

  7. Most scholarships require a personal statement or essay.  Usually, these essays are about your plans for the future and what you have learned about yourself up until now.  If you write one strong essay, you can probably re-use it with minor tweaking.  After your write your essay, show it to a teacher for editing or recommendations.  And type it, neatly and double-spaced, with your name on each page.

  8. Colleges offer many scholarships.  Some colleges require separate applications and some will automatically provide scholarships if you are eligible.  Some are program-specific and some are need-based.  Look on the college’s web site to find out the specifics.

  9. Don’t miss deadlines!!

Mr. Roger "Butch" Gross, Principal – 804/333-4940, rgross@northernnecktech.org

The Northern Neck Technical Center Foundation offers two $1000.00 scholarships. Students need to fill out the scholarship application. If you have any questions please touch base with Mr. Roger "Butch" Gross (Principal). NNTC
 The Northern Neck Region Antique Automobile Club of America is pleased to announce two $1,000 scholarships. Students need to fill out the scholarship application. These scholarships are focused on the Auto Technology and Auto Body programs. Touch base with Mr. Roger "Butch" Gross for questions.
 Antique Automobile Scholarship